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cloning_brandon's Journal

We <3 The Invisible Floating Torso Man
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This community is for those of us who love Brandon Boyd: the musician, the artist, the person. This is the community for those of us who love him, want him, want to be him, who admire from afar, or just think Incubus is fandamntastic.

[community rules:]
*No bashing other members for their comments. They have just as much right as you do.

*No joining this community simply to rag on Mr. Boyd.

eh...I suppose those are the only rules!!

This community is brand new and is in the process of dolling up to be just as pretty as other communities. If you'd like to contribute to this process, please IM me, descendedangel, on AIM at Big Dumb Llama.

Happy happy joy joy be nice, kids.